Reentry can be more challenging than entering an other culture. Coming home is an in-depth course that helps you reentering with insight and ease for you and your surrounding.

Enjoy the knowledge and experience of Betina Szkudlarek. Prof at the Erasmus University. She performed research at this extraordinary problematics and got her Ph.d . In close cooperation with Betina WE presents an effective course in solving reentry problems for you and your family.  But also companies who send their employees back to their homeland greatly benefit from this training.

Learning needs statement

Returning home after an extended stay abroad is no simple task.  The expat and their families have been removed from their home environment for an extended period, which presents two distinct challenges: 1) what was “home” has changed in ways that can’t be perceived from outside, and 2) they have changed from their former selves, pre-assignment. It is necessary to be aware of these two dynamics, and to take active, concrete steps, in order to reintegrate socially and to work effectively in a changed environment. These skills can be learned in the Expat Re-entry Program. 


Participants learn about the challenges and opportunities they can expect to encounter and appropriate solutions to potential difficulties. They receive an insight into the concept of cultural determination. They learn about themselves, especially how to appreciate and profile himself for thee person they are and the value they can offer, rather than being dependent on a company or functional title.  Lastly, the training helps them understand the differences in perception with their country in the media versus reality. If possible, recent arrivals from their country are invited to give a fresh perspective on what to expect in their country.


Department of Organization and Personnel Management

Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)

Erasmus University Rotterdam

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